Motion Poster Experiment Series 3 No.11-53
Hangzhou,CN 中国杭州 / 2015-2016

中国美术学院毕业展 / 2016
China Academy of Art Graduation Exhibition / 2016





From more than 60 posters I created in the university, I selected 30 pieces to do the "redesign" projects. Among them, there is an interactive poster which becomes the beginning of my interactive poster project in the future. Meanwile, I advocate emotional design and hope to explore new possibilities in graphic design, motion graphic design, and interactive design.

My love for making poster inspires me to explore its possibilities continuously. In this digital era, the paper media has been adversely affected by new electronic media. Consequently, the poster is bound to broaden new ways of expression, which then makes me realize a sense of responsibility.

However, the process of using multiple medias to do poster always reminds me that what I am doing is still a poster, not an animation, nor the commercial or interactive game. Designers need to keep connotation in design language, and the expression of alienation is nothing more than an approach. For this reason, I formulated the rule for moving poster called "7 seconds", which means people are meant to receive the complete information of the poster within 7 seconds. Also, I hope the internal orders in the poster can convey the information consistently and positively. Taking the mission of interactive poster into consideration, I expect that I can explore a more flexible relationship between viewers and posters instead of the compressed relationship developed by the interactive game to complete the mission of communication.


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