A.MONO 法式甜品

Brand Identity  品牌形象设计 / Hangzhou,CN 中国杭州 / 2020

A.MONO 是一家法式甜品品牌,它坐落于杭州市景区中。主理人想要呈现给顾客最纯粹的法式甜品,因此“物派”哲学便成了设计的思路来源。Logo将字母抽象为几何图形,同时搭配我设计的图形网格系统,可以变化出各式各样的图形创意。

A.MONO is a French dessert brand, which is located in the scenic area of Hangzhou. The owner wants to present the purest French dessert to the customers, so the philosophy of "Mono-ha" is the source of the design, and the logo abstracts the letters into geometric figures, and with the graphic grid system designed by me, it can be changed into various graphic.


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